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 Welcome to Serenity Sheep Farm Stay!

2 Wagons Available



Our Farm Stay is the newest addition to our farm.  We are currently offering nightly or weekly stays in our newly restored antique Sheepherder's wagons.  The hard-cover wagon was built sometime before 1926 by the Winona Wagon Co. in Winona, MN.  My husband uncovered one of the boxes on the side and it revealed the word "Winona" as well as a faint mark we couldn't make out.  In researching I discovered it was probably the Indian Maiden icon used by so many in Winona, MN.

We purchased the wagon from the current owner of the Spotted Ass Ranch near Pompey's Pillar, MT in the fall of 2008.  An extensive restoration began in the spring of 2009.  A labor of love.  I only wish we would have kept track of the hours spent.

I am always fascinated at the connections one uncovers in a process such as this.  Winona was an Indian maiden from Minnesota.  As the legend goes, she leapt to her death rather than marry a suitor she did not love.

Pompey was the infant child of Sacajawea, the female Indian guide of Lewis and Clark.  It's just interesting to me that so many years later, two Indian maidens would come together, in an odd sort of way, right here on our farm. 

Our second wagon was added a year ago and came from Brussett, MT.  I can honestly say we have been to the middle of nowhere and have returned!  Click here to see pictures of this canvas-covered wagon and book it.



Take a moment to look around.  Come on out and enjoy a stay at the farm.