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In addition to our on-site farm shop, we offer online shopping as well.  Come out and visit and check out our '59 Arrowhead Camper currently being used as our farm store.

 Home of the Twisted Fiber CSA

I love my sheep!  I never intended to actually become a Shepherdess, but here I am.  They constantly amaze me with their beautiful fiber.  I am often in awe of their wool, be it shearing, skirting, spinning it or picking it up from the mill.  Looking back over the years, I am very happy I bought those 2 original ewes. 

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Serenity Sheep Yarn CSA

Are you a knitter, spinner or felter?  I am happy to offer fiber for every application.  I work at the local wool mill one day a week and I am excited to offer my products to you from my Shetland/Romney sheep.

Slow wool 

Much has been said about the slow food movement these days.  Beyong that is "slow wool".  It's a love affair with a natural product, produced in small quantities on small farms by shepherds and shepherdesses who love their sheep.  My philosophies are at the heart of this.  All animals here are happy and well cared for, from birth to the end product.  Many hands touch this fiber along the process and I truly believe those hands give it energy and life.  When you pick up a skein of my yarn, you will know what I mean.  

I currently work at the local wool mill one day a week.  It is just 7 miles from my home.  This cuts down on a huge amount of fossil fuel consumption because I do not have to ship my wool out of state, back again and then off to the consumer.  

Click the etsy link above and go to the wool section to learn more.   I love offering my Twisted Fiber CSA.  This makes a great gift for the fiber lovers in your life and a great way to support a local farm.  I thank you and my sheep thank you.

For you spinners in the crowd I have raw fleece available too.





A very kind customer sent me an email to let me know she had purchased my wool while visiting Montana this summer.  She wrote: 

I just returned to London (where I live though I am originally from Knoxville, TN) from a trip traveling around Montana with my cousins. Of course, now, I am absolutely in love with your state and want to move there as soon as possible. The highlight was staying at my cousin's friends' sheep ranch for a few nights. As my souvenir, I decided to buy Montana-raised yarn - ending up with 6 skeins of your wool - from the lovely shop in Helena. I have never spent so much money on yarn before, but it is absolutely worth it. I just wanted to write you to say how very very happy I am! It will make the most beautiful sweater (for me, of course, as I am being selfish). I love that you even say it came from the 2010 shearing! Thank you so much.

All the best,
Alison M.

My sheep are Shetland and Shetland/Romney cross.  I started out with 2 ewes who were born on my birthday at a friend's farm.  I got to name them and couldn't see them going off to market, so I bought them.  I have slowly and gradually developed a market for my wool over the Internet and I have shipped it all over the world. 

I have raw fleece available, roving, quilt batts and yarn.  You can check out my products in my etsy shop. While staying here at Serenity Sheep Farm stay, you will have access to all of those products as well as a spinning wheel for your spinning pleasure.  



  Life here on the farm is constantly changing.  We love the seasons of Montana, each with its own unique distinctions.  I love to write about those changes and take pictures to document the beauty of them.  If you'd like to follow along, please visit my blog.  I try to keep it updated, but it seems to be the last thing on my list these days.


   If you live in the city and long for the country, this is just the respite you need.