A Modern-Day Homestead




Inside the Winona

    The antique sheepherder's wagons each sleep two.  There is some space on the floor for a sleeping bag as well.  Be sure to ask about the discount if you rent both wagons.


As part of the natural experience here on the farm, we have a heat-on-demand shower available for your use. In keeping with our sustainable nature, we have also converted an outhouse with a composting toilet.  The wash station is shown below.  That's a solar shower bag utilized for washing hands.  It drains into the galvanized bucket on the chair and has a french drain into the rocks below.  It has been converted to use a black tub of water that sits on top of the shower house, so it is heated by the sun.



      As guests here you are welcome to harvest anything from the garden you wish.  A 3 burner stove with optional grill is situated adjacent to the porch on the wagon for your convenience.  All cooking utensils are provided.  You may also choose to build a fire in the fire pit.

We have installed a small solar system in the wagon for lighting.  Chris and Michele at Earth, Wind and Fire tell me it's the smallest system they've ever installed.  There's also an outlet for charging your cell phone.  A big thank-you to them for installing the system.

Click on either picture below for more info and booking a stay.

We currently use airbnb.com for reservations.  If you'd rather, I also accept personal checks, paypal payments and can invoice your credit card via paypal.  Just email and I will block off the days you'd like and we can arrange payment.  

                                   The Winona                           The Brusett